Fix for Genymotion error “The virtual device got no IP address”

Genymotion is an amazing tool to speed up Android development and testing. It is much faster and stable than those crappy and slow Android AVD that Google still can’t get to work right almost a decade since Android was released.

However, there is one very common issue that plagues Genymotion from time to time, which is the unfamous “The virtual device got no IP address” error when starting the emulator.

Genymotion runs on top of VirtualBox and use its infrastructure and virtualization support in order to run Android, including all networking. From reasons that are not very clear (to me), sometimes it fails to assign an IP address to the device, and gives the following message:

The virtual device got no IP address

How to fix it

There are countless posts about it in the interwebs (including this one). The solution – or, better, workaround – that works most of the time for me is to remove the network adapter from VirtualBox, and let Genymotion recreate it in the next run. Here’s what you have to do:

Open Virtualbox and go to “File » Preferences” (CTRL+G), then head over “Network » Host-only adapters“, and click the “minus” button. Confirm it, and try to start the emulator again.

Remove the network adapter


Ps: if you have more than one network adapter, remove them all.



This trick is not 100% effective, but work mot of the time. Sometimes, as a last resort, I  restart my computer after the adapter is removed.

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