Windows drivers for Samsung Android Devices

I can’t understand why, but it appears that even getting the Android devices to run on development mode on Windows is a pain in the ass. Maybe I didn’t read the manual, but who does anyway? It’s USB PNP after all, only that the PNP part does not work as expected.

I had this Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ device that I needed to deploy some applications from Windows, but no matter what I did, the USB drivers never installed properly.

After some Googleing, I discovered that I needed to install a software called “Samsung Kies“, which does the black magic that allows the device to run properly. In my case I first searched for “gt-p3110 windows 7 driver“, where¬†gt-p3110 is the device model, and then I discovered the page ““, where it is available to download.

It sound dumb know that I understand, but it required a good ammount of time to find it the first time!